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Who Are We?

As a multidisciplinary graphic services agency, we excel at being an integral part of your marketing team and the guardians of your corporate identity! We specialize in (and love) working with businesses in the manufacturing industry, distributors and organizations who share our values.

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Our Services

On-Demand Graphic Designer

Does your graphic design department have too much on its plate? Our on-demand graphic designer solution provides you with access to a dedicated graphic designer (or team of designers) who work hand-in-hand with your own team to help you get through those times when you’re worked off your feet. It’s an easy, efficient system helping you gain time, optimize budgets and work around anything life throws at you — project overload, vacations, sick leave, and more!

Comprehensive Graphic Design Solutions

Managing a project from A to Z can be hard work — making sure you have the right people on the job and ensuring everyone completes their work on time can be a heavy burden to carry. Why not lighten the (work)load and centralize your graphic design projects at Temiscom? Our creative team provides comprehensive graphic design solutions, so that we can manage the project for you and help you achieve your goals. We hold ourselves and our work to the highest possible standards, so you can rest assured that the finished product will hit it out of the park! Let us handle your corporate image, so that you can focus on the tasks at hand.


Our designers are specially trained to provide optimized, responsive web design services. When our programmers build a website, they do it based on your graphic design needs and corporate image, and they optimize your SEO and on-page ranking. Your finished website will be a window into your company’s culture, values and objectives. Our simplified programming method makes it easy for you to make changes to the site yourself. It’s a winning solution!

Print brokerage

At a loss when it comes to print management?
With our many years of experience, we have developed partnerships with several printers across the Province.
We’ll find and advise you on the best printing solution for your various projects.

We’ll match you with the best printer, based on this balance:

  • Quality according to use, for single-use or long-lasting documents, we recommend the right quality.
  • Prices from 3 different suppliers to find the best cost and delivery times.
  • Calculated environmental impact to offer the wisest choice according to distance from manufacturer and delivery point

Combining forces for
show-stopping results

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