Our Mission

As a multidisciplinary graphic services agency, we excel at being an integral part of your marketing team and the guardians of your corporate identity! We specialize in (and love) working with businesses in the manufacturing industry, distributors and organizations who share our values.

Our Vision

Continuously show the quality and reliability of our services, our person-centred approach and our versatility, so that we are THE first people you turn to when your marketing department has too much on its plate.

Our Values

  • Help OUR EMPLOYEES tap into their creativity by providing them with healthy and innovative work environments
  • Provide OUR CUSTOMERS with turnkey solutions that are perfectly adapted to their needs and goals
  • Share OUR SUBCONTRACTORS’ expertise with our customers, so that we can provide the very best
  • Be a catalyst for change in OUR LOCAL COMMUNITY 

Never stop trying to reduce our carbon footprint by looking for ways to be greener in our daily activities and by providing mindful solutions for our customers 

Make collaborating easier by breaking down barriers for intermediaries and simplifying our processes 

Show our employees, subcontractors and customers that we can mix business and pleasure while working on a project together 

Create jobs and wealth in remote areas by subcontracting work to regional businesses wherever possible